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Change machines are essential service items for a wide range of businesses. Any time specific currency denominations are required, change machines provide a convenient solution.

Change machines are perhaps most commonly found in amusement arcades and car parks, but they are also extremely useful for many other businesses and public sites: Train stations, bus stations, supermarkets and shopping centres are all good examples of locations that can benefit from the addition of change machines.

Typically, the job of change machines is to change coins and/or banknotes to set coin denominations, but they can also change currency for tokens, which can be an ideal option for businesses such as casinos and launderettes.

All of our change machines are manufactured in the UK and have a strong reputation for reliability and security which has been established through countless years of proven service and customer satisfaction.

Explore our superior range of top quality change machines.

Offering wall mounted change machines, free standing change machines and refurbished/used change machines, we are able to provide solutions to meet most needs and budgets.

Change banknotes and/or coins for tokens or up to three specified coin denominations. - UK suppliers of change machines, coin machines, bankote/bill change machines, token vendors and other related equipment.